Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer pure entertainment. It is a new idea for building a business. Samsung, Sony, Valve, and Facebook are investing in VR tools, which will shortly conquer the market. Reality 51 is a technology for developing VR applications and content, which will enable your business to enter Virtual Reality – and succeed in it.



Virtual reality is the future of business and entertainment, which global giants are investing in. The first next-generation VR devices will be introduced in 2015 and 2016. Samsung Gear VR, Oculus (Facebook), PlayStationVR (Sony), Vive (HTC).

The Farm 51 is a pioneer in developing VR applications and content. We use our experience gained in developing state-of-the-art computer games in new business sectors. The Reality 51 technology has many uses: military and medical simulations, training applications, fashion industry visualizations, virtual tours, “Second Life” applications, and many more.

VR offers new opportunities for presenting and selling products. The Reality 51 technology uses advanced 3D scanning, spherical photos, and stereoscopic films, which ensures unique graphics quality and realism.

Virtual Reality is a perfect idea for a modern business. Reality 51 is your tool to effectively implement it.

VR system

Reality 51

The new quality in Virtual Reality

New range of possibilities
New range of possibilities

New range of possibilities

The VR market is no longer the sole domain of computer games and electronic entertainment. Sectors with the greatest growth potential for VR include the military (virtual battlefields, simulators), medical industry (applications supporting medical procedures), training and coaching support solutions, and product sales support. This is the next generation of Virtual Reality dedicated to business and marketing.

Highest 3D quality

Highest 3D quality

The Reality 51 technology is fully compatible with the capabilities and functionalities of the latest VR devices. It is a unique combination of state-of-the-art 3D scanning solutions, VR system capabilities, and modern game engines. Thanks to unrivaled quality of 3D images generated in real time in a Virtual Reality environment, your product or service may reach new groups of customers, standing out from your competitors’ offerings.

Highest 3D quality
Huge market potential
Huge market potential

Huge market potential

The Virtual Reality market has immense growth potential, as proven by extensive investments by such IT giants as Samsung, Facebook, HTC, Sony, or Valve. The VR hardware they invest in is to become a bridge leading to new experience – a Virtual Reality with unprecedented level of immersion. The Farm 51 is Poland’s first developer of quality VR applications and content.

Technology behind VR

  • Pierwsza pozycja

    We are able to develop applications tailored to customer needs: from simple 3D object browsers, to large-scale interactive applications offering AI solutions, motion controllers, and cross-platform optimization (PCs, browsers, mobiles, consoles).

  • Druga pozycja

    We have our own photogrammetric studio, and use 3D laser scanners, drones, and other solutions supporting the development of interactive 3D graphics processed in real time.

  • Trzecia pozycja

    We cooperate with vendors of state-of-the-art hardware and technology solutions (Samsung, Oculus, NVIDIA, Sony, Microsoft).

    We have already implemented many solutions being part of the Reality 51 technology (see Projects).

  • pozycja czwarta

    Reality 51 covers sophisticated R&D projects implemented in association with major education centers such as the Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Silesia, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, and Silesian University of Technology.

VR market potential

The market potential of Reality 51 is unlimited:

Car industry – virtual interiors of luxury cars, which can be modified by the potential customer without leaving home.

Property development industry – virtual tours of buildings, supporting the design and sales processes with high quality visualizations.

Military industry – machine and battlefield simulators, scanning and mapping the operations area.Hospitality industry – virtual tours around rooms as part of the online booking process.

Fashion industry – virtual dressing rooms to try on the clothes without the need to visit the store.

Travel industry – virtual tours around remote or impenetrable locations.

And many more…


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