Reality 51 technology

Reality 51 technology

Reality 51 official premiere took place during “Reality 51 – A New Dimension of Reality”, a conference fully devoted to our new project. It was the official launch of the project communication. The conference was attended by journalists of the largest Polish newspapers.

So far VR, or Virtual Reality, has been associated primarily with the entertainment industry or unreal worlds created by talented graphic designers supported by computing power. With the advanced technology Reality 51, which effectively uses 3D scanning, spherical photos, and stereoscopic films, VR enters the world of medicine, education, and business. The VR market is no longer the sole domain of computer games and electronic entertainment. Sectors with the greatest growth potential for VR include the military (virtual battlefields, simulators), medical industry, training applications, visualizations for the fashion industry, automotive, and “second life” applications.

Wojciech Pazdur, Creative Director at Reality 51, not only discussed the technology infrastructure, but also presented specific use cases of the new technology and first projects which The Farm 51 has already prepared, including VR visualization for state-of-the-art supercars by Arrinera featured at the last edition of Poznań Motor Show. He also mentioned the cooperation with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology and MediPage, a medical journal.

During the conference, developers of Reality 51 showed a preview of a not yet published trailer promoting the technology, whereas Wojciech Pazdur also announced “Chernobyl VR Project” (working name), an innovative application which offers a VR trip around selected locations of Chernobyl and Pripyat. The announcement attracted significant interest on the part of the journalists as it was accompanied by a promotional movie featuring the Reality 51 team’s first trip to Chernobyl for research purposes.

Special guests of the conference also included Rafał Zadara from Samsung, who talked about the company’s plans concerning the VR market and officially confirmed technology cooperation with the Farm 51. The cooperation involves developing VR content for Samsung Gear VR devices.