Samsung and The Farm 51 announce a VR revolution

Samsung and The Farm 51 announce a VR revolution

On Friday, November 30, there was an event in Gliwice, organized by us in association with Samsung Polska. Invited by our partner, The Farm 51 head office was visited by representatives of major technology media in Poland and popular vloggers.

The meeting with journalists took the whole day, and consisted in presentations on various projects implemented by The Farm 51.

The meeting started with a scanning session using the company’s rig; each journalist was professionally scanned. Now, the Reality 51 team is processing the scans, which will then be handed to the journalists as 3D models.

The next stage of the meeting was Wojtek Pazdur’s presentation on the Virtual Reality technology, its history, and future outlook. In the presentation, Wojtek also showed fragments of Get Even, an innovative game which The Farm 51 has been working on for two years now. The aim was to present an implementation of realistic 3D scans (locations, buildings, objects, characters) and an imaginary world of a computer game.

The final hours of the event focused primarily on presenting the VR application on Samsung Gear VR devices. We demonstrated, for instance, an application developed for Arrinera, and a set of minor videos produced using our proprietary technology – Reality 51.

The meeting ended with a presentation of a portion of the Chernobyl VR Project, an ambitious application which The Farm 51 plans to release next year. It is the first ever virtual trip to the forbidden zone in Chernobyl. Our guests could explore on their own a selected area of the deserted city scanned by our company.

After the meeting, the first enthusiastic opinions came out:


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