Chernobyl VR Project announcement – summary

Chernobyl VR Project announcement – summary

Below is a short summary of our activities in the past few weeks. As some interesting information and articles about us and our projects had been published recently, we have decided to gather everything in one place, to make it easier to find valuable info and links.

1. “Chernobyl VR Project” global announcement

The “Chernobyl VR Project” global announcement has been a great PR success for The Farm 51. On December 3rd, we have published a press release with a promotional video:

The reach of this publication has surpassed our wildest dreams. PR-wise it can be compared to the success of the first ever trailer of Get Even back from 2014. In the recent days, news items, articles, and interviews concerning our project literally flooded the global Web. At the time of writing this, the promotional trailer had 123,000 views (only on our channel!), and the average growth was ca. 20,000 views per day.

We recommend reading the summary of the press publications about our announcement:

The document has around 180 links. Altogether, there are more around 230 press mentions, but we have decided to focus on the most important ones. Due to the size of the file, we have also not included about a dozen links from more exotic regions (but our project was indeed mentioned on such markets!). All in all, we can say that in the past week, Chernobyl VR Project has been mentioned at least several times in most countries around the world.

Moreover, business media have also shown much interest in the announcement. Articles about our project were published in Forbes (US) and International Business Times (UK). We are also very proud that we managed to reach the most esteemed US and UK-based technology media, such as Engadget, MotherBoard/Vice or The Verge. Everybody was talking about our work in a positive or even enthusiastic manner.

The announcement has also piqued the interest of business leaders, such as Marc Andreessen, one of the most important investors in Silicon Valley, member of the management boards of Facebook, eBay, HP, etc. You can find his tweet about Chernobyl here:

2. Joint event with Samsung

Just before the official global announcement of “Chernobyl VR Project” (November 27th), we have decided to invite reporters from Poland’s most important technology media over to our studio. The event was organized jointly with Samsung, and was aimed at presenting projects we are currently working on. It was also a good opportunity to show around our new facility.

We demonstrated our VR applications and 360 degree videos, but the gist of the event was the ability to take the “Chernobyl VR Project” for a spin. Every reporter has also received a press pack that included a T-shirt, a high quality poster, etc.

Moreover, as part of the event, we have scanned the reporters using our scanning rig, and made them a nice surprise in the form of advanced 3D models of themselves. You can view the models here:

The event has been a great success, as proven by enthusiastic stories published by the invited reporters (Polish only).


Robert Nawrowski, vlogger:

Magazyn Komputer Świat:

We find all these articles very important, as they give credibility to the success of our global announcement, as the reporters had a chance to test “Chernobyl VR Project” first hand.