The Farm 51

The Farm 51 specializes in advanced action games. Our in-house developed titles are Painkiller Hell & Damnation, NecroVisioN and Deadfall Adventures. We have also participated in the production of such widely known Polish games as The Witcher or Two Worlds. In 2016, we will release Get Even, an innovative title for next-gen consoles and PCs.

In 2015, we have created a separate team that works solely on developing the innovative technology called Reality 51, which takes virtual reality beyond gaming. First VR apps will make their debut later this year. The Farm 51 has the ambition to be one of the technology pioneers, as well as one of the first content authors and creators. Reality 51 is aimed at markets not directly connected to gaming: military simulations, tourism apps, construction industry support, or automotive offering development.

Reality 51 also entails R&D work. The Farm 51 is cooperating closely with the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology and the Polish Academy of Sciences. Together, as part of the INNOTECH project, we work on creating a photorealistic face animation engine. The project is developed in cooperation with the National Centre for Research and Development.